Climate Change

As a husband, father of three, small-town lawyer, and Army veteran, I know climate change threatens almost every aspect of life in Iowa. The science debate is over. I trust our Iowa scientists who tell us unequivocally that we have a problem and must act now.

Every year, we are seeing the growing impact of climate change. Here in Iowa, the potential for more droughts and intense heat waves could have significant impacts on our farm economy. This is a global challenge but one where Iowa can be a leader. With the importance of agriculture to our state’s economy, we have the most to gain by acting and the most to lose by doing nothing. If the legislature refuses to protect our environment, Iowa deserves a governor who will.

As governor, I will support expansions in clean, renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. These resources have no fuel costs, produce zero emissions, and can help boost the economy in rural and small town Iowa.